​Ayurveda Therapies

Vedic Healers Team is dedicated to provide patients with comprehensive services to benefit their health and well-being. With our streamlined registration system and responsive diagnosis procedure, we have more time to focus on helping patients find treatments to feel better, and connecting them with resources to help them stay that way.

Kati Basti/back pain


​Panchkarma therapies do deep detox

Since Vedic Healers established, our clients have depended on us for authentic & valuable panchkarma services. As a pillar of the medical options we offer, this service which is comprehensive, fully personalized and administered by our team members who specialize in this type of care. To learn more or ask questions, simply reach out.

Some of our rejuvenation packages.

1. Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikilsa) – 14 Days

2. Body Purification Therapy (Shodhan Chikilsa) -15 Days -

3. Body Immunization / Longevity Treatment(Kayakalpa Chikilsa) – 

4. Kizhi – 14 Days – 

5. Slimming Programme – 28 Days – 

Other treatments are also available in
1. Prime Body Care in ayurveda
2. stress Management Program
3. Beauty care Program

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Ayurveda packages at Vedic Healers are for your day to day needs. Our best programs are for professionals of every field. Anti ageing, joint care, Eye care, Back care, skin care etc are some of the most sought after programs in todays scenario.

​List of programs 

Skin Care

Hair Care.

Eye Care.

For Men’s & Women’s CareDigestive Problems
Joints and Arthritis
Immuno Supportives

Pregnancy & Post pregnancy care 

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